Raúl Vázquez

Doctoral candidate at University of Helsinki in the Language Technology group


I'm a PhD student working at the University of Helsinki under the supervision of Jörg Tiedemann and Mathias Creutz. I focus on the development of models for natural language understanding (NLU) with a data-driven approach that incorporates massively multilingual parallel corpora and the use of multimodal input signals. My research is centered on the development and implementation of multilingual and multimodal machine translation models and on the analysis of internal dynamics of such systems.

I received my MSc in Mathematical Modelling from Universitá degli Studi dell'Aquila in 2017 and his BSc in Applied Mathematics from ITAM (Mexico Autonomous Institute of Technology) in 2015. My research interests cosist on Advanced Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Applied Mathematics.



PhD. in Language Technology

University of Helsinki


Supervisor: Jörg Tiedemann
co-Supervisor: Mathias Creutz
Projects: FoTran and MeMAD

Focus Areas: Natural Language Processing, Neural Machine Translation, Mathematical Modelling

M. Sc. Mathematical Engineering

Universitá degli Studi dell'Aquila


Scholarship award from the EU Commission.

Thesis: The Vehicle Routing Problem - An Application and Proposed Heuristics
Adviser: Claudio Arbib
co-Adviser: Stefano Smriglio

Focus Area: ODEs, PDEs, Optimization

M. Sc. Technomathematik

Hamburg Universität


Joint degree awarded for completing the MathMods Joint M.Sc.

Focus Areas: non-smooth Convex Optimization and Numerical Approximation methods for PDEs

B.Sc. in Applied Mathematics

Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM)


Thesis: A Bayesian Approach to Time Series Smoothing via the Hodrick-Prescott Filter Modelling
Adviser: Enrique de Alba Guerra

Focus Areas: Statistics, Probability, Linear and non-Linear Optimization



University of Helsinki


Development of models for natural language understanding (NLU) with a data-driven approach that incorporates massively multilingual parallel corpora and the use of diverse input signals.

Project Coordinator and Research Assistant

INEGI - Mexico's Official Statistics Bureau


I assisted the Institute’s vice-president of Economical Information, Enrique de Alba Guerra. Duties involved statistical analysis of time series and results visualization, as well as application and implementation of research articles.

Data Science Lab Collaborator

Sedesol - Secretatiat of Social Development


Directly involved in the development of a monitor of agricultural production via remote-sensing data as part of a hunger early-warning system for the Mexican government.

Logistics Coordinator Volunteer

TECHO | Mexico


I collaborated with the planning and implementation of a project for the detection of irregular settlements, and the establishment of a first contact between said settlements and the NGO.

Research Collaboration

LFondry and Universitá degli Studi dell'Aquila


Development of an optimization model for improving LFoundry’s production line. Customization of the Vehicle Routing Problem through Gurobi and GLPK software to improve microchips pickup and delivery time.

Vehicle Inspection Intern

Volkswagen Hannover


Created a graphical interface to improve the production line operation. I also prepared automated infrared signal sender and receiver for facilitating the interface usage and information extraction.